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Your invoice is one of the most important interactions you have with your customer. We understand the importance of getting it right and the potential impact of getting it wrong. E-Billing is inclusive of our Cascade WEB offering, and we’ve made printing and posting simple and cost effective.

With the click of a button you can choose to send your customers a quality printed invoice by post, and if preferred, apply automated charges to cover the costs.

Our invoices undergo quality checks each cycle, and once passed inspection are dispatched as part of the bill-run process - without delay. You can also opt to include inserts if you were running a marketing campaign, for example.

Our buying power allows us to work with market leading partners and pass the cost savings on to you. We believe your time is better spent on selling as opposed to envelope stuffing, printer maintenance, franking, stationary orders and stock control.

By partnering with Nine, you can expect quality invoices dispatched in a timely manner - without having to consider unexpected costs.

The service we receive from Nine Wholesale far exceeds the service that we've received from other wholesalers - it's a reliable, quality service and the team always work incredibly hard on our behalf.


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